11 April 2022

Cisco Webex Board Sviluppo Regionale

Project Title: Cisco Webex Board e Room Kit. European Regional Development Fund Lazio Regional Operational Program - Call “DIGITAL IMPRESA LAZIO” Target:             Development of a customer experience system with cyber attack hybrid system protection (IOT, Production lines and infrastructures).   Link Unione Europea    
28 July 2021

Industrial Research and Experimental Development Projects 2020

DiGi ONE joined the Research Programs of the Umbria Region for the promotion of the Regional Strategy of smart specialization for Research and Innovation. The project involves the creation of a system capable of acquiring data relating to the temperature of perishable goods and at risk of counterfeiting during the delivery process, from producer to consumer, and to verify, with simplicity, their authenticity. Click here for further information on Umbria Region Research Programs        
14 July 2021

CyberChallenge.IT 2021 and the winners are…

The Cyberchallenge.IT, the unique European Program for the intensive training of very young people aged 16 to 23, concluded its fifth edition on 7 July. This year it counted 671 participants from 33 different locations. In first place was the University of Cagliari, followed by the Polytechnic of Turin and the University of Genoa. DiGi ONE, as Silver Sponsor, strongly supports these initiatives aimed at perfecting the skills of girls and boys in the field of cybersecurity. Our company wishes all participants to continue in the path undertaken, oriented to the security of IT infrastructures and telecommunications. The next step, at the end of September, is in Prague where the European Cyber Security Challenge will take place. Fingers crossed for TeamItaly Cyberdefender that will represent our flag.
22 June 2021

Forum PA 2021 kick-off

DiGi ONE, HCL Partner, provides all its experience to be at the side of local PAs. In order to facilitate the Digital Transformation process, DiGi ONE started, in synergy with HCL, the promotion of technological and functional solutions addressed by AGID principles.[object%20Object]
25 February 2021

Ethics Committee of the University Hospital, City of Science and Health of Turin chosen the DiGi ONE iShareDoc CE Solution.

IShareDoc CE is the IT solution that digitizes document processes in order to certify the eligibility of medical trials. IShareDoc CE is an ecosystem designed to meet the multiple organizational and process needs of the Etichs Committees to manage the entire cycle of evaluation and approval of clinical trials: starting from the request submitted via web, to the management of the various sessions to reach the final evaluation of the Ethics Committee. DiGi ONE continues its important commitment to offer healthcare facilities, both public and private structures, the most innovative technologies to face the challenge both of Legacy Applications and of full Digital Transformation.
21 January 2021

Let’s Start DiGi ONE 4.0. A highly innovation project for internal business processes.

Thanks to the funds of the European Regional Development Fund and the Operational Program Regione Lazio, DiGi ONE will be able to develop the project called DiGi ONE 4.0 which will allow the company to improve innovation in internal management processes with the aim of optimizing costs and improving impact on the market. Business Areas implemented are:
  • Administration: Digitalization of Administrative Processes by managing electronic orders from the NSO;
  • Security: Optimization of IT Security Systems through advanced IoT devices monitoring;
  • Marketing: Optimization of Sales Processes thanks to Digital Marketing, especially for very innovative product such as DiGi TRUST;
  • Delivery: Improving Development and Delivery processes by switching to Cloud systems.
  Learn more about European Regional Development Fund
25 November 2020

DiGi ONE has developed a Hybrid Didactics system for La Sapienza University of Rome Economics Department

On Academic Year 2020-2021 Economics Faculty of La Sapienza University of Rome started a new integrated system of Hybrid Education. This solution allows teachers and students, both in presence or remotely connected, to enjoy lessons by having access to innovative technological tools in compliance with Covid19 emergency safety regulations. One of the most important feature of this Solution is the possibility for teachers to direct the lesson from a control consolle by selecting shots and instruments to be displayed. Teachers can use a high sensitivity microphone and can communicate with students remotely, even moving away from the microphone itself to approach the IWB without losing audio quality and interactivity towards the audience. The microphone is activated without direct contact, in full compliance with the safety regulations. Lessons can be recorded by a high-definition camera which allows students connected remotely to "experience" each lesson in full dynamism. These lessons can also be released in live streaming and posted on the most popular Social Media. A latest generation IWB, integrated into the solution, allows to: - draw, underline, highlight texts or images; - share contents from any device like PC, tablets or smartphone; - connect to the Internet and send documents produced in the classroom to anybody make a request.   The amplification system inside the classroom is integrated too and allows people’s voice who have been previously authorized to partecipate remotely.   DiGi ONE designed, together with University, a booking system to regulate access in the classroom during COVID 19 emergency through a QR Code to be showed at the Faculty entrance. Hybrid Pedagogy is a new reality, concrete and able to engage all people involved in teaching and learning process.
25 November 2020

DiGi ONE announces Centreon sales partnership

CENTREON is a solution for monitoring all IT infrastructures which are the very IT assets of any company. DiGi ONE with marketing actions aimed to the market, both through traditional commercial channels and social networks on web, intends to boost a holistic and integrated approach to the IT department of client’s companies.   Security, global vision and predictive ability on the status of the corporate infrastructure, are the very marketing plus of Centreon solution.   Always on it. Always on business.   Centreon IT monitoring platform, ready for AIOPS, offers global visibility of complex workflows from the Cloud to the Edge.   Watch the video on Youtube >>
25 November 2020

DiGi ONE silver sponsor of the Cyberchallenge program

DiGi ONE commitment as Silver Sponsor of the Cyberchallenge.IT 2020 continues as it has always been oriented towards the development and implementation of IT security technologies.   The national final of Ethical Hackers saw the University of Pisa take first place, followed by the Milan Polytechnic and the University of Verona.   Final competition saw to compete 560 students aged from 16 to 23 with skills ranging from cryptography to security of hardware and software infrastructures.   Next challenge will be in November: Team Italy will be engaged in an European confrontation with teams consisting of the best Ethical Hackers. May the best men win!   Cybersecurity National Lab - The Lab gives its contribute to the creation of the national cybersecurity ecosystem, making available the excellence of cybersecurity research in Italy.