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DiGi AULA – The DiGi ONE Solution for advanced, safe and simple Hybrid Pedagogy. In classroom and remotely

DiGi AULA Hybrid Pedagogy Solution redefines the concept of academic space, combines the physical classroom with virtual classroom, transforms traditional learning into experiential learning allowing the creation of a more engaging and dynamic training project.

The basic elements of the DiGi AULA Solution

Optional components

  • Sound processor (as alternative to digital/analog mixer)
  • Advanced analysis system for video surveillance in the classroom
  • Integrated and centralized Automation Aule System

DiGi AULA advantages

  • Simplify classroom or remote carrying out
  • Adopt advanced and easy-to-use digital tools
  • Improve audio-video quality inside the classroom
  • Guarantees a high degree of Anti-Covid security
  • Guarantees the right to study and the continuity of learning

DiGi AULA an innovative Solution
to transform traditional learning
into experiential and dynamic pedagogy.
Guarda il video.

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