Smart Working Experience

Smart Working in 4 easy steps. A new Ecosystem for your business.




  • Allows you to define the most effective Smart Working ecosystem.
  • Provides expert speakers in the specific areas of interest.
  • Allows you to assess the degree of integration, support and training required.

Remote Access and Security


  • Enables companies to make their resources available outside the perimeter of the internal network.
  • Allows workers to use the same company tools even from their home.
  • Enable users to access resources based on their needs and permissions.
  • Install systems that protect them even outside the corporate network.
  • Verify that connections and navigation are made to trusted destinations.
  • Encrypt corporate data used externally.
  • Immediate activation thanks to the Cloud service.

Collaborative Audio Video Experience


  • Allow you to stay in touch without giving up interpersonal communication.
  • Integrate audio-visual features with application sharing for highly productive interaction.
  • Use simple and intuitive methods.
  • Allow you to organize your work in groups interacting in real or deferred time.

Document and Work Flow Management


  • Centralize information in one easy-to-use and easy-to-search environment.
  • Automate business processes for sorting documents and shared resources such as PEC.
  • Enable digital and remote signature to ensure authenticity of documents even away from the office.
  • Immediate activation thanks to the Cloud service.

All the components of the Smart Working DiGi ONE ecosystem