The DiGi ONE anti-counterfeiting and data traceability platform on Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology is changing the way companies do business through an always transparent, accurate and secure data tracing process in order to to manage transactions and digitized production chains and to increase profits.

Innovative Customer Experience

The most interesting and delicate aspect is the so-called last link between “the digital chain and the physical world“: it’s the moment when input from the real world is recorded on the Blockchain. DiGi TRUST platform effectively solves this aspect, using latest generation technologies for the identification of the single object / product.


DiGi TRUST guarantees a high level of security aimed to contrast counterfeiting, thanks to impossible-to-copy TAGS associated with the products. The system allows the immediate identification at the back-end level of a copy of the TAG and therefore giving the possibility of undertaking any kind of counter-measures.


With the THE ONE APP, available for iOS and Android, the end customer can check the authenticity of the brand of the purchased product in real time.

Digitized approach to markets

In Italy there are many companies that can benefit from the advantages of the DiGi TRUST solution. For example, the B2B and B2B-4C sectors have quality productions and can digitialize and automate their supply chains, in order to improve performance and production yield. DiGi ONE has invested in this area, making its consultants and experts available, developing a scalable and customized solution for each type of market. Each company can decide, in fact, to trace the data relating to the entire production chain or only to certain segments, according to specific needs and requirements. One objective among all: transparent and secure traceability.

DiGi TRUST benefits

DiGi TRUST guarantees the originality of the products and the traceability of data, increasing profitability.
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