DiGi ONE is a new reality that multiplies skills and capabilities thanks to the merger of three different business entities. DiGi ONE has its main focus in raising the commitment value for the customer: that is, to offer a wider and more diversified range of products and services “ready to use”.

Sistematica (GRP)

Sistematica has been established in the IT market for over 20 years, with high specialization in areas such as document management, aerospace industry, industrial automation, infomobility.

GRP is a Business Unit of Sistematica dealing with complex document solutions, from standard treatments to vertical application components and solutions based on configurable work flow, storage and communication engines.


Founded as a branch company of Sistematica Group, it deals with advanced Form Management based on the active recognition of writing. Thanks to the status of “Platinum Partner” with Anoto, Digiwrite created a “digital paper” management system form.

Logos Technology

Logos Technology has significant capabilities in design, construction and maintenance of complex IT systems for medium and large companies, with particular reference to IBM technologies, having acquired the IBM Gold Business Partner Certification. Point of strength of Logos Technology is the ability to keep a constant update on “leading edge” technologies, beeing able to offer both partners and customers IT solutions always aligned to market needs.

Organization and People

DiGi ONE applies a dynamic, performing and resource-efficient business organization model in order to be capable of responding to the needs of a steadly evolving market. DiGi ONE people are an important part of this strategy because they share a strong sense of commitment to company goals.
Leading the organization towards new challenges, enhancing technical skills and individual soft skills, ensuring the quality of business process is DiGi ONE commitment for the future ahead.